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Sabina Jennings

BSc (Phyto), PgDip Derm, Dip LSI, Cert TASK. Dip.Hyp.HWHP. MPHPA

Are you looking for Change? Yet there are blocks, resistances – challenges. You feel stuck in repeating life patterns, something is holding you back. By focussing on new patterns with the help of hypnotherapy – changes and new paths can become a lot easier as the resistances and limiting beliefs are addressed.

are you ready for change?

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein.

Sabina explains hypnotherapy and what happens in her clinic

Tel: 07464202715

Supporting you to be your Best

Do you feel that you could achieve so much more and yet through anxiety, lack of motivation, procrastination or lack of confidence you are stuck?

Do you feel that everyone is better than you are – so why bother?

Do you feel that the changes you want in life are too complicated to achieve – so that there is no point in even trying?


Eye movement – desensitization and reprocessing. If you would like to know more on how this works and its benefits click here

Sabina Talks of Weight Loss and Hypnotherapy Coaching. She does a weight loss programme that includes, food intolerance testing and EMDR for cravings

Our beliefs are established in childhood and if they are then embedded in our teens and adult years, they become our beliefs that through our subconscious mind drive our lives

Find out what is holding you back

The benefits of hypnotherapy is that it introduces a new way of thinking for the client which is positive, forward thinking and releases the outdated, unwanted ways of accepting situations, whether it is inappropriate food choices, continual anxiety and worry, fear of the future, or not having any self confidence or self belief etc….



Sabina Jennings is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Medical Herbalist and Kinesiologist (nutrition and food intolerance testing).

She has been involved in Natural Health for 18 years in clinical practice. In her clinic she links all her knowledge and experience in helping her clients achieve their goals – whether is to shed that extra weight or reduce anxiety to looking at skin concerns and much more. If you want more information on how to overcome or even just understanding why you are having the concerns that you have, give Sabina a call and see if she can help. For more information click here

Motivation through Hypnotherapy

Getting the mind to think in a new way

Hypnotherapy Motivation to Success:

Knowing that we can do something and having self belief, self esteem seems for many light years away. The problem is – we don’t believe in ourselves and setting goals of things that we want can prove challenging. We know what we don’t want – finding our passion and achieving our goals is something that often needs help. Through supportive hypnotherapy sessions a client can start to have belief in themselves, discover their passion and set AND achieve their goals – however big or small they are.

See some questions and answers that clients have asked: Click here

The greater mind is the subconscious mind is the largest part of our mind, where memories, anger, resentment, joy, love and laughter are stored as experiences . Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind to set new patterns of thinking and beliefs.

The conscious mind it is the logical mind that doesn’t accept everything that is true
and can only come to conclusions to situations which is draws from the learnt experiences found in the subconscious mind. It will analyse the two sets of information and base its decision on the past experiences and it does this with the aid of the CCF – conscious critical factor. If the CCF and the conscious mind are fully relaxed then suggestions can be made to the subconscious mind, helping to form a new pattern of belief and experiences.

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I would 100% recommend Sabina! I spoke to a few different therapists, but I just had a good feeling about Sabina, she instantly made me feel positive and made me feel that it was indeed possible to get my life back on track. Before my first session of hypnotherapy, I was suffering with the worst anxiety I’ve ever experienced, my life completely changed, and I was no longer able to enjoy the things I did previously. I had 5 sessions altogether, I’m now in a much better place, I’v got my confidence back (intact I’m more confident than before) and I’m back enjoying life again! Sabina was so kind and made me feel very safe during all sessions! I’m still listening to my recordings lots, which really helps when l’ve had a tough day. If you’re thinking about booking a session with Sabina, please do not hesitate, she’s a life saver! I now have a tool to manage my anxiety forever, I cannot thank her enough!  .... SamW 2022

My sessions with Sabina have been a great experience. Sabina is a brilliant hypnotherapist; who listened to me very attentively, picking up on really minute details during the initial consultation. Sabina has a thorough approach in the way she assesses the problem and reviews the issue from many angles. Sabina has a wonderful way to place one at ease to ensured I became comfortable to discuss the problem without any hesitation, not to mention her very soothing voice. I have thoroughly enjoyed all my sessions with Sabina and through these sessions I have come to learn so much more about myself. I would highly recommend Sabina for therapy. VM 2022

Am amazing lady who really goes above and beyond to help with your problem.

Sam Matthews 25 Jun 2022

 I had been suffering from psoriasis for many years. I had tried many treatments unsuccessfully. Sabina understood exactly what the problem was. Through questioning she understood the root of the issue and after the very first session, my psoriasis had just about disappeared.

Sabina has a wonderful voice, very soothing and I thoroughly enjoyed the hypnosis sessions, drifting wonderfully in the world she created. She is very caring and dedicated and has transformed my life in so many ways. I would absolutely recommend Sabina for hypnotherapy sessions. Sophie 2021


I went to Sabina for anxiety and low self esteem. She was amazing – I felt at ease straight away with her. She’s a lovely gentle person who is truly brilliant as a hypnotherapist and I would highly recommend her.

I felt so anxious and lacking in confidence to move forward with my career etc. With her help as a hypnotherapist and guidance I am now taking steps forward in all areas of my life she has reawakened my true self. I feel full of optimism and confidence in what I do work wise and in my relationships as well.

Sabina helped me in so many ways removing so many blocks – I will be forever grateful to her.

DJ – 2021


Sabina Jennings on tel:07464202715 or email


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