Sabina Jennings

BSc (Phytotherapy), PgDip Derm(AID) , Dip LSI, Cert TASK. Dip Hyp. HWHP. MPHPA

Hi I am Sabina Jennings and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist based in my home city of Hereford. I also practice in Leominster. I work with many clients who come with eating and food issues, feeling stuck and not motivated, lacking in self esteem and confidence to achieve the goals that they want to and much more.

Often these feeling are accompanied by stress and anxiety which can have an additional effect not only on mental health but also on physical health, such as skin conditions, digestive disorders, lethargy and feeling tired all the time and more. Continual stress, anxiety lack of self worth and confidence even at a low level can have a significant impact, often over looked and not associated with their health conditions.

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Also if a person suffers from lack of self belief and low self esteem the challenges in life become harder and in some cases seem insurmountable so much so that the person can’t strive for their dreams and ambitions: always accepting second best.

Whether the these emotions stemmed from childhood or have come about through repetitious events, the impact is the same. The person feels constrained and can’t move forward into the life they would like to lead. This situation of fear, of anxiety, worry, not caring about healthy eating, negative thoughts or feeling locked and hindered by trauma, will have a profound influence on the decisions that are made and also over time will affect our health physically. This can present as skin conditions, auto-immune, cancers, depression, chronic anxiety etc.


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Sabina’s studied for her degree in Herbal Medicine at the College of Phytotherapy when Heinz Zelstra was the principal.  Heinz extensive knowledge and his passion for the advancement of herbal medicine was influential in educating students to become some of the finest herbalists in the UK and Ireland.

After completing the five year course, Sabina graduated from the University of Wales/College of Phytotherapy in Herbal Medicine.

Therefore to further understand the ‘person’ Sabina went onto study Iridology with Dr Helena Benson at the London School of Iridology.

Sabina’s dissertation whilst studying herbal medicine was on psoriasis.  In 2010 gained her Post Graduate diploma from the Australasia Institute of Dermatology and Sabina is believed to be the only natural health practitioner in Ireland and UK with this qualification. Sabina now incorporates the hypnotherapy into her skin clinic and has found it to be extremely beneficial.

The type of foods and the repetition of the same foods that we eat, are now being recognised as a major factor in relation to modern diseases and gut dysbiosis – leaky gut.  Knowing which food could be the culprit for a skin condition led Sabina to take a course in Kinesiology and food intolerance testing.  In 2017 she gained her certificate in Kinesiology. Kinesiology is used in Sabina’s hypnotherapy weight loss clinic.

In order to maintain good health we must consider all areas of the human body – no one part of the body can be treated in isolation and that includes mind and body: – Sabina

Member of the Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner Association


Sabina Jennings on tel:07464202715 or email sabinajenningshealth@gmail.com


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