Passing Exams?

How to pass exams successfully must be one of the top hits that Google gets. We know if we have studied well the chances are we will pass. Or will We?

After leaving school sitting exams is our choice, because we want the qualifications and the advancement in our lives. However the horror of having to sit in an exam room and hear the words – turn over your paper – you may begin, can prove terror into the hearts of so many.

If only we could remain calm, our wheels wouldn’t spin and perhaps then we could remember the answer or write a cohesive essay answering all the salient points. But its those spinning wheels in our head and the sick feeling in our stomach.

Where do these thoughts come from? Primarily it’s the fear of failure and what will our peers think of us and how are we going to cope with the humiliation if we fail? Are we going to be ridiculed, told we are loser and really what possessed us to do the exam in the first place?

Get rid of the negative beliefs and looking for validation from others and let’s focus on positive

Firstly nothing is gained by not trying – a good friend of mine is an eminent doctor – he failed his school exams so many times – we thought he will never get the grades to go onto Med School.

He never gave up. Yes he was laughed at then, but they’re not laughing now. He is helping so many people and at the end of the day and drives home in his high performance sports car.

Through hypnotherapy we look at your self belief, your self worth and your motivation to succeed. The programme is centred around the client having a calm centred approach to sitting exams, to be able to quieten the nerves and to know that they have the ability. Knowing you have prepared, revised well and that your are going into the exam room with the belief that I am good enough, I can do this and I am furthering my life skills.

If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy can help in preparing for exams or driving tests etc just give me a call and book yourself into a free introductory consultation to see if hypnotherapy can help you.


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