Public Speaking and Presentations

What-ever the event – are your ready?

For some making a speech or presenting a power point presentation in front of people or a board of directors etc can be so daunting – but with coaching and hypnotherapy, things can be very different.

My own experience has been presenting brands to pharmacy groups, wholesale distribution companies and to health food shop chains. Also presenting at shows and trade exhibitions. I can help you over come your anxieties and fear of making presentations or speaking in at public events. Through rehearsals, visualizations and hypnotherapy confidence building – change is possible.


I went to Sabina for anxiety and low self esteem. She was amazing – I felt at ease straight away with her. She’s a lovely gentle person who is truly brilliant as a hypnotherapist and I would highly recommend her.

I felt so anxious and lacking in confidence to move forward with my career etc. With her help as a hypnotherapist and guidance I am now taking steps forward in all areas of my life she has reawakened my true self. I feel full of optimism and confidence in what I do work wise and in my relationships as well.

Sabina helped me in so many ways removing so many blocks – I will be forever grateful to her.

DJ – 2021