Tinnitus and Hypnotherapy

Those of you have Tinnitus will know how debilitating this condition can be. The constant hissing, buzzing or ringing in the ear. Sometimes it is continuous or can come and go. It may seem in one ear or move from one ear to the other or be in both. It can affect all age groups and is increasing more in children recently.

You will have spoken to your doctor to check that there is no other condition linked to the tinnitus, and now you are trying to live with it. Often it can keep you up at night and of course affect your hearing.

Tinnitus has been linked with many causes, but it is not fully understood. Noise damage has been a long held theory of the cause, others include Meniere’s disease, high blood pressure, stiffening of the ear bones, head injury, stress and anxiety , ear blockage by ear wax or due to certain medications so it worth checking that with your doctor.

In relation to stress and anxiety, Hypnotherapy has shown to help reduce the stress neurotransmitters (1) which increase histamine levels and this can be one of the causes in tinnitus. Yes high histamine and a DAO (D-Amino Acid Oxidase) gene that might be working below par so the histamine levels are too high. This is not the full story by far. Leaky gut, sensitivities in the body towards food and chemicals, itchy skin, insomnia as mentioned and a lot more can be DAO issues. (2)

So how can hypnotherapy help?

As a medical herbalist and a hypnotherapist the consultations are based at looking at diet and foods that are beneficial and foods that would be best to avoid. Also to see if the there is a histamine issue along with mineral analysis again to ascertain whether elevated or deficient minerals are part of the equation. We often think that vitamins are very important, which they are, but minerals are crucial to wellbeing. Is gluten and leaky gut being a contributor?

Hypnotherapy is also so useful in helping clients with stress and anxiety but also to help to change eating habits and over come resistances in daily habits and beliefs that maybe contributing to their Tinnitus. So a comprehensive package looking at the condition holistically.

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