Wanting Promotion?

Confidence to believe in yourself for Promotion

Often when we want promotion, but we feel deep down we don’t deserve it and really not ready to apply. We will wait till we are ready and in our comfort zone to ensure we don’t get a disappointment. But if you are not careful that day may never come – pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can be challenging. Seizing the opportunity can just be a step to far for many. Remaining in the comfort zone is just that – being comfortable, but can be very frustrating.

The real disappointment comes when we really do feel we warrant promotion and it is given to someone else and we are ignored: the job we want passes us by. Why does this happen? I often find in these cases if the person is genuinely ready for the promotion, but are not considered, they are usually clients who are too passive and feel uncomfortable at putting themselves forward. They don’t want to seem pushy or arrogant. The client deep down don’t feel that are worthy of such a reward and their behaviour and body language is picked up subconsciously by the boss.

Change the belief and change the outcome

In both cases Hypnotherapy can help override the old beliefs and old ways of thinking, usually coming from childhood experiences and now embedded in us as adults. Clients can begin a programme of new beliefs and new positive expectations of possibilities in their life.

these old beliefs formed from experiences in childhood and are mapping our life –

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