Weight Loss

Weight loss, self belief, motivation for change can be supported by hypnotherapy which is specific tailored to you and your needs. Is the habit of eating too much or the wrong type of food being too difficult to break. Hypnotherapy can help to change that habit into a healthier life style of eating.

incorporating EMDR for Cravings plus Food Intolerance Testing (in clinic)

Weight gain in the UK is increasing year by year and being over weight is a health risk factor such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, strokes, and certain types of cancer.

The problem is common due to our modern living which involves eating too much and not doing enough exercise. Or is it? Yes food and exercise play a major role in weight gain but so does stress and anxiety.

Hypnotherapy complements a diet programme by working on the way the client feels about eating and the type of foods that they initially enjoy. The hypnotherapy helps the client to enjoy healthier options and forget about the not so healthy fat inducing foods.

Hypnotherapy weight loss aims to improve the confidence of the client in their relation with their body, their relationship with food and help them to lose weight in a way that doesn’t have a negative impact on the their well being.

Clients find it difficult to adjust their eating patterns and other environmental influences can affect the clients eating, such as trauma, stress, worry, loss etc

EMDR – eye movement desensitization and reprocessing

This is a technique that is very simple, but in most cases has a profound effect in helping clients to stop the cravings for food and understand why they are craving certain foods, such a chocolate, salty foods, burgers etc. The food craving can be an association to an earlier experience which has set a continued pattern of effect, behaviour, and beliefs. If a person is craving a certain food there could be an association with trauma and anxiety in the past and the food is a form of comfort and distraction.

Food Intolerance Testing – carried out in clinic.

Sabina is qualified in testing in clinic for food intolerances – no sending test away – all results are done in clinic at the time of your consultation.

Testing for foods that cause inflammation and stagnation in the body can be contributory to weight gain. Through Kinesiology I test to see which foods are the real culprits in a clients weight gain. Also the Kinesiology in the clinic will give an indication of what foods are beneficial to the client. EVERY client is different.

Weight Loss Programme:

Block of five sessions paid in advance – £375.00 to include a few comprehensive programme

  • food intolerance testing – see which foods are causing inflammation and the body finds difficult to process.
  • hypnotherapy sessions for choosing the right foods, saying no to large portions, advice on choosing healthier options.
  • hypnotherapy sessions to address any anxiety around food
  • hypnotherapy sessions on self belief, motivation and self confidence

for more information contact me on tel: 07464202715 or email Sabina on sabinajenningshealth@gmail.com