Skin Conditions Hypnotherapy

hypnotherapy helps with reducing stress and anxiety and also helps the client with dietary changes – these factors can have an influence on the skin and in conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne etc. Sabina Jennings is qualified in herbal medicine, skin conditions and is a hypnotherapist.

Sabina explains why hypnotherapy can be helpful in the reducing skin conditions.

What is involved in a Skin consultation + Hypnotherapy?

  • Full medical history with current prescribed medication
  • assessing gluten, gliadin, A1 and A2 milk, Salycilates, solanine etc intolerances – results are giving during the consulation
  • Other food intolerance testing in relation to the patients condition. Results given during the consultation
  • assessing whether muscular skeletal conditions are impacting on the digestive system.
  • assessing the patient through Iridology – strength and weaknesses of the patient
  • advising on dietary changes if needed
  • prescribing natural plant medicine specific for the individual client – if needed
  • prescribing vitamins and minerals to support the body – if needed
  • advising on hair mineral and toxic metal analysis  – if needed
  • Hypnotherapy on de-stressing, self belief, on finding the root of anxiety etc

Psoriasis before Hypnotherapy

Psoriasis two week later after Hypnotherapy

In this case the hypnotherapy based it-self on de-stressing the client and get her to look at her world with a calmer outlook.

For more information talk to Sabina Jennings on 07464202715 – Kyrle House Clinic – Kyrle House – Hereford – HR1 2EU

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